Wednesday, March 19, 2008

See the strange girl talking to her shadow

When Paige requests an update, an update she shall receive. I suppose I handled his absence as well as I could have done. I was very listless for a few days, but I didn't sink into depression or waste away. There was only one truly bad day, and I got past it. I don't know that I've found any good method of coping with loneliness, but I've discovered I can still turn myself off enough to float through my days.

As for his homecoming, that would require a far more graphic post than I feel all two of you who read this blog would want. XD

I've also decided that someday I'm just going to throw together a book of all the useless bits of things I write down. The scenes that don't get stories, or the stories that don't go beyond basic ideas, or the random snippets I write down in a fit of emotion. I'm going to throw them all together in a book, and I'm not going to edit them, or fit them together, or separate them except by chapter. Then I'm going to publish it, because I feel like some of my best writing goes into those tiny fits of inspiration and it never pans out because it wasn't more then a tiny fit.

I'm also back to my obsession with fairy tales, but I'm not sure what I want to do with them. Part of me wants short stories, part of me wants novels so who knows at this point. I've also felt the urge to revisit a world I created a long-time ago and never fleshed out on paper. I'm not sure I will, though.

Who knows?


Turn the Paige.... said...

Your "fits" are amazing and I think that is a grand idea! You are so remarkably talented that it is a shame to keep it to yourself...I enjoy it immensely and I'm sure others will as well.

I love fairy tales...I am working on one myself : ) It is right now hiding on a cd because I had to reformat my computer..I am actually proud of it so far...but it needs to be finished. I unfortunately do not have your gift of drawing the reader in to a hypnosis like

Thanks for the ear...if hubby asked where it went what will you tell him? ; )

I think I am just depressed and everything looks worse than it is. At least that is what I hope. It sucks when you feel you can't measure up and everyone else thinks you are this great and happy person...such a farce of a know? Paige the sham artist.

Thanks for the ear...I'll return it

Turn the Paige.... said...

I miss your writing. :`-(