Saturday, August 4, 2007

All right, let's start this thing off. This account will primarily focus on my eating disorder. If you don't like it, move along. I'm not doing this for your benefit. I'm mostly interested in keeping up with my friends who have this address.

And just so this post isn't a total waste, here is a poem I'm deeply in love with by Fannie Heaslip Mae.

She made a little shadow-hidden grave,
the day Faith died.
Therein she laid it, heard the clod's sick fall,
and smiled aside --
"If less I ask," tearblind, she mocked, "I may
be less denied."

She set a rose to blossom in her hair,
the day Faith died.
"Now glad," she said, "And free at last, I go,
and life is wide."
But through long nights, she stared into the dark
and she knew she lied.

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Masquerade said...

hey hon, it's Masq. My link is

The way I suscribe to a blog is just adding it to my links instead of having them all on the side, but that's just my preference. I'll be linking yours, too. ;)